New Post

Hey folks,

Hope you’re having a great Friday! I just ate my first lunch outdoors with my family today and feeling pretty good about it. A couple things on my mind…

  1. What To Do With A Big Set Back: I loved what Bill Ackman said on the Lex Fridman podcast about what to do every day after you have a major set back:

    1. Exercise

    2. Meditate

    3. Make a little progress every day

    Breaking it into small steps you control is such good advice. Whole episode was GOLD.

  2. Energy Map: Last week I was feeling exhausted on Thursday night. Impatient w/ the kids, wanting to just veg-out, and just DONE. The next morning I was journaling and drew a quick chart of the week, and what gave me energy vs. took away energy. It was a revelation - I could see that I had 2 days straight of energy sucking activity built into my calendar, and I was DONE. So - I made a thing - you can copy the spreadsheet and use it to map out your typical weekly energy. Also - open to tips - how do you recharge in the afternoon? I’m 38 years old and realized I have no idea how to do that.

  3. “Material Girl”: Twice in the past week I’ve read or listened about how there was a huge swing culturally in the 1980’s around materialism and consumerism. Essentially a combination of Reaganomics, yuppie culture, media, new technology, financial markets, and a cultural shift toward individualism gave rise to the idea that being rich is something that everyone should desire. This was actually new culturally, and has only expanded with the addition of celebrity culture in the 2000’s. Here are the talks if you want to go deeper: Jon Tyson on Mammon and Will Storr on “The Status Game”

That’s it for now! Hope you have a great weekend!